Scoliosis is a condition, which causes the spine to have a curve in it when it should be straight.

The abnormal curve could either be in the shape of an “S” or a “C”. Scoliosis is generally associated with children or teenagers, but can be found in adults as well when scoliosis is not detected as a child. In the worst cases, scoliosis can affect heart and lung function.

Scoliosis can sometimes be evident when we observe a persons’ posture and find that their shoulders may be slanted, one side of the hips might be higher than the other, their back might be more prominent on one side when viewed from behind and when we observe their spine from behind there is the appearance of a curve. Trigonal Therapy is a good non-surgical option for assessment, treatment and monitoring of scoliosis.

At Trigonal, the treatment for scoliosis will be based on the patients age, curve pattern, curve size, likely rate of progression of the condition.