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Our Corporate Wellness Program is a free program that helps employers and employees understand the importance of balancing their physical, mental and emotional health. Having healthier and happier employees in a challenging and uncertain economic environment can prove to be one of your company’s greatest assets.
  • Adjustment Demonstration

  • Health Talk

  • Spinal Screening

  • Health Talk

  • Customised health talks for your company needs
  • Mobile health clinics providing chiropractic & body balance therapy
  • Customised corporate health care programs targeting work related stress & symptoms
  • Nutritional education & wellness programs to combat toxicity & weight related issues
  • Is your work environment making you fall ill? Understand workplace ergonomics
  • How to boost your immune system naturally?

What will an employee wellness program mean to your company?

  • increased productivity
  • improved morale, loyalty & commitment
  • improved health & wellness
  • increased job satisfaction
  • reduced insurance & compensation claims
  • reduced employee turnover
  • retention of the best staff
  • decreased number of accidents
  • reduced stress.

Our On-site Services:

Corporate Health Talk

Our FREE talk will revolve around topics that can help improve your employees’ performance and well-being. Some popular topics include:

  • Natural Injury Prevention
  • Low Back Pain Prevention
  • Chiropractic and Ergonomics
  • Chiropractic: Freedom from Pain
  • Chiropractic: Managing Stress Naturally
  • Chiropractic: Maximizing Your Child’s Health
  • Chiropractic: Importance of Your Spine and Nervous System

On-Site Adjustment Demo

An on-site adjustment demonstration can be made available at your workplace to let your employees understand and experience first-hand the benefits of chiropractic care.

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